Do you like football, South East Asian movies and straight to video genre films? No!? Well then have a look inside My Left Eye Sees Toast and see what you’re missing out on.

My Left Eye Sees Toast has two aims. Firstly, it wants to reevaluate those films that have been critically and commercially overlooked and explain why they deserve a second chance.  As Jonathan Rosenbaum once said:

“You might say that as auteurism turned junk into art, postmodernism turns art into junk” (Midnight Movies, p.323).

And, secondly, it will attempt to take the relativist, theoretical approach, that is so often lacking in football writing, to the subject of football.

“I wouldn’t be here if the past had been………………….. better” (Steve Staunton, 2007).

There will be one movie review and one match review published on the site each week. Once a month a longer essay on the subject of either football or movies will also be published.

My Left Eye Sees Toast is based in Dublin and can be contacted at mylefteyeseestoast@gmail.com or via the contact form below.

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