Match Review: St. Patrick’s Athletic 3 – 0 Bray Wanderers

Richmond Park, 6th March 2015

That’s better. Let Buckleyball commence! Perhaps Buckley’s complaints about the conditions last week weren’t just sour grapes for this was a much more enjoyable affair than the match with Shamrock Rovers with quite a bit of skill on show. Bray contributed to this by playing in a much more refined style than I had expected, given what I had seen of Alan Matthew’s Shelbourne. McEvoy, in particular, played really well. There was, however, a rather peculiar, albeit brief, episode during the second half where Bray behaved like a Sensible Soccer team being controlled by a lunatic when they put in about 5 sliding tackles in the course of a minute, all of which narrowly missed their intended targets.

The rakish darling of the critics Forrester scored a great goal for Pat’s and Christy Fagan, the thinking man’s Robbie Keane, got his first of the season too. However, it was Killian Brennan’s return that prompted the improved performance. Not only did he score the opening goal, a penalty, but his return meant that the team changed from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 and the midfield, despite the loss of Fahey, is actually looking like it could be the strongest in the league. It’s a real axis of evil with the evil genius Brennan accompanied by his enforcer Greg Bolger and James Chambers, one of the most underrated players in the division. Bolger has been Pat’s best player in both matches so far this year and has complemented his combative style with some really incisive play.

I have nothing more to say. The dance continues.

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